Titoli I

I 1 I always beg (John Wilbye)
I 2 I Am (Kathryn Rose)
I 3 I am a child of God (J. Ashley Hall)
I 4 I am all (Crys Armbrust)
I 5 I am Alpha and Omega (John Stainer)
I 6 I am Alpha and Omega (Roger Petrich)
I 7 I am a-thirst (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 8 I am come into my garden (John Arnold)
I 9 I am come into my garden (William Billings)
I 10 I am He that liveth (Caleb Simper)
I 11 I am like a remnant of a cloud of autumn (John Alden Carpenter)
I 12 I am quite tired with my groans (John Wilbye)
I 13 I am the bread of life (Roger Petrich)
I 14 I am the gate (Roger Petrich)
I 15 I am the resurrection and the life (Thomas Morley)
I 16 I am the resurrection and the life (Thomas Tomkins)
I 17 I am the rose of Sharon (Geoff Allan)
I 18 I am the Rose of Sharon (William Billings)
I 19 I am the true vine (Roger Petrich)
I 20 I attempt from love’s sickness to fly, Z 630/17c (Henry Purcell)
I 21 I begl’occhi (Philippe de Monte)
I 22 I beheld and lo, a great multitude (John Blow)
I 23 I bei legami (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 24 I bei ligustri (Thomas Weelkes)
I 25 I bind my heart this tide (Brooks Gingerich)
I 26 I bind unto myself today (Charles Villiers Stanford)
I 27 I call and cry to thee, O Lord (Thomas Tallis)
I 28 I cannot sing the old songs (Charlotte Alington Barnard)
I 29 I care not for these ladies (Thomas Campion)
I 30 I charge you, O daughters (Michael Wise)
I 31 I come to him (Sally DeFord)
I 32 I denna ljuva sommartid (Eva Toller)
I 33 I desire the love of God (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 34 I did in heart rejoice (Giles Farnaby)
I 35 I did in heart rejoice (Joseph Key)
I 36 I don’t feel no-ways tired (Traditional)
I 37 I dream of Jeanie (Stephen Collins Foster)
I 38 I dukhovi Tvoyemu i Edin Svyat (Sergei Rachmaninoff)
I 39 I ere smaa og ubetydelige (Thomas Laub)
I 40 I fall and then I rise again (Michael East)
I 41 I fall, I fall (John Wilbye)
I 42 I feed by faith on Christ, my bread (Thurlow Weed)
I 43 I follow, lo, the footing (Thomas Morley)
I 44 I furuskogen (Wilhelm Peterson-Berger)
I 45 I gave her cakes and I gave her ale (Henry Purcell)
I 46 I give you a new commandment (John Sheppard)
I 47 I glory in the word of God (John Arnold)
I 48 I go before, my darling (Thomas Morley)
I 49 I got me flowers (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
I 50 I have a house and land in Kent (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 51 I have been young (William Byrd)
I 52 I have ere this time heard (Thomas Whythorne)
I 53 I have longed for thy saving health (William Byrd)
I 54 I have not seen (Thurlow Weed)
I 55 I have set God alway before me (John Goldwin)
I 56 I have surely built thee an house (William Boyce)
I 57 I hear the land (Philip Legge)
I 58 I hear you, Lord (Casey Anno)
I 59 I heard a voice from heaven (John Goss)
I 60 I heard a voice from heaven (Joseph Stephenson)
I 61 I heard a voice from heaven (Thomas Morley)
I 62 I heard a voice from heaven (Thomas Tomkins)
I 63 I heard the bells (Herbert Brewer)
I 64 I heard the bells on Christmas day (John Baptiste Calkin)
I 65 I heard the bells on Christmas Day (Leanne Daharja Veitch)
I 66 I heard the bells on Christmas Day (Rod Mather)
I 67 I heard the voice of Jesus say (Alastair Stout)
I 68 I heard the voice of Jesus say (John Bacchus Dykes)
I 69 I heard three virgins (Michael East)
I 70 I Himmelen (Edvard Grieg)
I 71 I joy not in no earthly bliss (William Byrd)
I 72 I knew my Lord Jesus (Richard Irwin)
I 73 I know a place (Michael Winikoff)
I 74 I know my soul hath power (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 75 I know not what (Robert Jones)
I 76 I know that my Redeemer lives (Daniel Read)
I 77 I know that my Redeemer liveth (Thomas Tomkins)
I 78 I know there’s God (John Earwaker)
I 79 I know what it means to be lonesome (Brockman and Vincent Kendis)
I 80 I know where I’m going (Traditional)
I 81 I know whom I have believed (George Alexander Macfarren)
I 82 I laid me down (Maggie Furtak)
I 83 I laid me down (William Byrd)
I 84 I languish to complain me (John Bennet)
I 85 I lay with an old man (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 86 I liet’ amanti (Truid Aagesen)
I 87 I lieti amanti e le fanciulle tenre givan di prat’in prato (Luca Marenzio)
I 88 I lift mine eyes to Sion (Giles Farnaby)
I 89 I lift mine eyes to Sion hill (Joseph Key)
I 90 I lift my heart to thee (Anonymous)
I 91 I lift my heart to thee (Christopher Tye)
I 92 I lift my heart to thee (John Mundy)
I 93 I lift my heart to thee (John Valentine)
I 94 I lift my heart to thee (Thomas Clark)
I 95 I live, and yet methinks I do not breathe (John Wilbye)
I 96 I look from afar (David Drexler)
I 97 I love and have my love regarded (Thomas Weelkes)
I 98 I love my love (Gustav Holst)
I 99 I love the Lord, because he is kind (Ebenezer Child)
I 100 I love to hear the story (Arthur Henry Mann)
I 101 I love unlov’d (Anonymous)
I 102 I love you truly (Carrie Jacobs-Bond)
I 103 I love, alas! yet am not loved (John Wilbye)
I 104 I love, alas, I love thee (Thomas Morley)
I 105 I love, alas, yet am I not beloved (George Kirbye)
I 106 I love, loved, and loved would I be (Robert Fayrfax)
I 107 I loved fair Celia, Z 381 (Henry Purcell)
I 108 I’ mi son giovinetta (Luzzasco Luzzaschi)
I 109 I’ mi vivea di mia sorte contento (Philippe de Monte)
I 110 I miei desir (Giovanni Felice Sances)
I 111 I must complain, yet do enjoy (John Dowland)
I 112 I need thee every hour (Darrell Crowther)
I 113 I need thee every hour (Robert Lowry)
I 114 I never knew (I could love anybody like I’m loving you) (Tom Pitts, Ray Egan, Roy K. Marsh)
I 115 I’ piango (Luca Marenzio)
I 116 I piango et ella il volto (Lodovico Agostini)
I 117 I’ piansi, or canto (Philippe de Monte)
I 118 I pray good Mother (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 119 I sat down under his shadow (Edward Bairstow)
I 120 I saw a light (Jeremy Rawson)
I 121 I saw a maiden (Edgar Pettman)
I 122 I saw my lady weep (John Dowland)
I 123 I saw my lady weeping (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
I 124 I saw my lady weeping (Thomas Morley)
I 125 I saw my lovely Phillis (Thomas Morley)
I 126 I saw one hanging from a tree (Thurlow Weed)
I 127 I saw the Lord (John Stainer)
I 128 I saw three ships (Arthur Warrell)
I 129 I saw three ships come sailing in (Traditional)
I 130 I see his blood upon the rose / Qui manducat carnem meam (Simon Biazeck)
I 131 I see she flies me, Z 573 (Henry Purcell)
I 132 I send the joys of earth away (Thomas Clark)
I 133 I send the joys of earth away (W. J. White)
I 134 I Seraillets Have (Wilhelm Stenhammar)
I 135 I set the Lord still in my sight (John Arnold)
I 136 I set the Lord still in my sight (Joseph Key)
I 137 I shall not live in vain (Jens Klimek)
I 138 I shall not pass this way again (Mark Chapman)
I 139 I shame on mine unworthiness (John Dowland)
I 140 I should for grief and anguish (Thomas Morley)
I 141 I should not feel it to be strange (Huub de Lange)
I 142 I Sing of a Maiden (Peter Smith)
I 143 I sing of a Maiden (Simon Biazeck)
I 144 I sing the birth (Arthur Sullivan)
I 145 I sing the birth (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 146 I sing the birth (Claude Goudimel)
I 147 I sing the birth (Clifford Boyd)
I 148 I sing the birth (Edward Elgar)
I 149 I sing the birth (James Gibb)
I 150 I sospiri (Leonardus Barré)
I 151 I sowed the seeds of love (Gustav Holst)
I 152 I stand all amazed (Charles H. Gabriel)
I 153 I stand all amazed / Jesu, joy of man’s desiring (J. Ashley Hall)
I 154 I stood on de Ribber ob Jerdon (Traditional)
I 155 I strive each action to approve (Charles William Hempel)
I 156 I Stuen skreg (Thomas Laub)
I 157 I sung sometimes (John Wilbye)
I 158 I syng of a mayden (Christopher Upton)
I 159 I tene a l’ombra (Girolamo Scotto)
I 160 I thought that Love had been a boy (William Byrd)
I 161 I to the hills (William D. Thompson)
I 162 I trust (Gabrael StClair)
I 163 I tuoi capelli, Philli (Jan Tollius)
I 164 I vaghi fiori (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 165 I våren (IV) (Ludvig Norman)
I 166 I våren (V) (Ludvig Norman)
I 167 I’ vo piangendo (Gioseffo Zarlino)
I 168 I’ vo piangendo (Piero Benedetti)
I 169 I vow to thee, my country (Gustav Holst)
I 170 I waited meekly for the Lord (Stephen Jarvis)
I 171 I walked in darkness (Kathryn Rose)
I 172 I wandered lonely as a cloud (Alexandra Uitdenbogerd)
I 173 I want Jesus to walk with me (David Nino)
I 174 I was full near my fall (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
I 175 I was glad (Aaron Williams)
I 176 I was glad (full anthem) (Henry Purcell)
I 177 I was glad when they said unto me (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 178 I was glad, Z 19 (Henry Purcell)
I 179 I was hungry, Op. 113 (Mark D. Falcone)
I 180 I was in the spirit (John Blow)
I 181 I was like a lamb (Marco Antonio Ingegneri)
I 182 I was the boat man (Maggie Furtak)
I 183 I will alway give thanks (Charles King)
I 184 I will always give thanks (Vaughan Richardson)
I 185 I will arise (Charles Wood)
I 186 I will arise (Robert Creighton)
I 187 I will arise and go (Samuel Sebastian Wesley)
I 188 I will arise and go to my Father (Thomas Clark)
I 189 I will exalt thee (Christopher Tye)
I 190 I will give laud and honor both (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 191 I will give my love an apple (Traditional)
I 192 I will give thanks (Joseph Barnby)
I 193 I will give thanks to thee, O Lord (Thomas Clark)
I 194 I will give thanks unto Thee, O Lord, Z 20 (Henry Purcell)
I 195 I will greatly rejoice in the Lord (Maurice Greene)
I 196 I will keep Christmas (Geoff Allan)
I 197 I will lay me down in peace (Arthur Sullivan)
I 198 I will lift mine eyes (Leo Sowerby)
I 199 I will lift up mine eyes (John Clarke-Whitfeld)
I 200 I will lift up mine eyes (Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson)
I 201 I will lift up mine eyes (Thomas Tomkins)
I 202 I will love thee, O Lord (Jeremiah Clarke)
I 203 I will magnify thee, O Lord (Joseph Corfe)
I 204 I will mention the loving-kindnesses (Arthur Sullivan)
I 205 I will no more come to thee (Thomas Morley)
I 206 I will not forget thee (J. Ashley Hall)
I 207 I will pour forth my prayer unto the Lord (Alexander Kastorsky)
I 208 I will praise Thee, O Lord my God (Oliver Holden)
I 209 I will recount (Roger Petrich)
I 210 I will sing of Thy power (Arthur Sullivan)
I 211 I will stand as a witness to Christ (Sally DeFord)
I 212 I will worship towards thy holy temple (Arthur Sullivan)
I 213 I wonder who’s kissing her now (Joseph E. Howard)
I 214 I’ll give away all my sins to know thee (J. Ashley Hall)
I 215 Iacob Scalam – Pax Eterna – Terribilis (Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz)
I 216 Iam Christus astra ascenderat (Robert Parsons)
I 217 Iam hyems transiit (Anonymous)
I 218 Iam moriar mi fili (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 219 Iam non dicam vos servos (Ignazio Donati)
I 220 Iam non dicam vos servos a 7 (Tiburtio Massaino)
I 221 Iam nubes / Iam novum (Anonymous)
I 222 Iam sol recedit igneus (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 223 Iamais ie neuz (Anonymous)
I 224 Ibant Apostoli gaudentes (Francisco Guerrero)
I 225 Ibant Magi (Francisco Guerrero)
I 226 Ibant magi (Scott Villard)
I 227 Iceland (Oliver Holden)
I 228 Ich aber bin elend, Op. 110, No. 1 (Johannes Brahms)
I 229 Ich armer Mann (Orlando di Lasso)
I 230 Ich armer Mensch, ich Sündenknecht, BWV 55 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 231 Ich beschwöre euch (Dialogus), SWV 339 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 232 Ich beschwöre euch, ihr Töchter Jerusalems (Christoph Demantius)
I 233 Ich beuge meine Knie gegen dem Vater, SWV 319 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 234 Ich bin der gute Hirte (Melchior Vulpius)
I 235 Ich bin der Weg (Johann Christenius)
I 236 Ich bin die Auferstehung (Albert Becker)
I 237 Ich bin die Auferstehung (Gallus Dreßler)
I 238 Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben, SWV 464 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 239 Ich bin die Auferstehung, BuxWV 44 (Dietrich Buxtehude)
I 240 Ich bin die Auferstehung, SWV 324 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 241 Ich bin die Wurzel des Geschlechtes David (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 242 Ich bin ein guter Hirt, BWV 85 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 243 Ich bin ein rechter Weinstock, SWV 389 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 244 Ich bin eine rufende Stimme, SWV 383 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 245 Ich bin eine Stimme eines Rufers (Melchior Vulpius)
I 246 Ich bin jung gewesen (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 247 Ich bin jung gewesen und bin alt worden, SWV 320 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 248 Ich bin so lang gewesen (Melchior Franck)
I 249 Ich bin vergnügt mit meinem Glücke, BWV 84 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 250 Ich brinn so ungeheure (Luca Marenzio)
I 251 Ich brinn und bin entzündt – Brinn und zürne nur immerfort (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 252 Ich danke dem Herrn (Gabriel Möhlich)
I 253 Ich danke dem Herrn (Psalm 111), SWV 34 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 254 Ich danke dem Herrn von ganzem Herzen (Anonymous)
I 255 Ich danke dem Herrn von ganzem Herzen, SWV 284 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 256 Ich danke dem Herrn von ganzem Herzen, SWV 424 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 257 Ich elender Mensch, wer wird mich erlösen, BWV 48 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 258 Ich freu mich des (Psalm 122), SWV 26 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 259 Ich freue mich im Herren (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 260 Ich freue mich in dir, BWV 133 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 261 Ich geh mit meiner Laterne (Traditional)
I 262 Ich geh’ und suche mit Verlangen, BWV 49 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 263 Ich ging durch einen grasgrünen Wald (Christoph Koscielny)
I 264 Ich ging mit Lust und Freud (Traditional)
I 265 Ich ging vor ein’r Frau Wirtin Haus (Melchior Franck)
I 266 Ich glaub’ und darum rede ich (Benedictus Ducis)
I 267 Ich glaube an einen einigen Gott, SWV 422 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 268 Ich glaube keinen Tod (Hans-Joachim Weber)
I 269 Ich glaube, lieber Herr, BWV 109 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 270 Ich grolle nicht (Robert Schumann)
I 271 Ich hab’ die Nacht geträumet (Max Reger)
I 272 Ich hab die Nacht geträumet (Traditional)
I 273 Ich hab in Gottes Herz und Sinn, BWV 92 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 274 Ich hab mein Sach (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 275 Ich hab mein Sach Gott heimgestellt (Christoph Demantius)
I 276 Ich hab mein Sach Gott heimgestellt, SWV 305 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 277 Ich habe genug, BWV 82 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 278 Ich habe meine Zuversicht, BWV 188 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 279 Ich hab’s gewagt frisch unverzagt (Melchior Franck)
I 280 Ich hatte viel Bekümmernis, BWV 21 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 281 Ich hebe meine Augen auf (Philipp Dulichius)
I 282 Ich hebe meine Augen auf (Psalm 121), SWV 31 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 283 Ich hebe meine Augen auf, SWV 399 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 284 Ich hört ein Fräulein klagen (Melchior Franck)
I 285 Ich hört ein Sichelein rauschen (Traditional)
I 286 Ich kose süß mit der und der, Op. 65, No. 10 (Johannes Brahms)
I 287 Ich lasse dich nicht (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 288 Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn, BWV 157 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 289 Ich lasse dich nicht, du segnest mich denn, BWV Anh. 159 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 290 Ich lieb eine Blume (Angelina Figus)
I 291 Ich liebe dich (Ludwig van Beethoven)
I 292 Ich liege und schlafe, SWV 310 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 293 Ich ritt einmal zu Braunschweig aus (Melchior Franck)
I 294 Ich ritt mir aus Kurzweilen (Melchior Franck)
I 295 Ich ruf’ zu dir (Johann Agricola)
I 296 Ich ruf zu dir (Orlando di Lasso)
I 297 Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 298 Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ (Nicolaus Adam Strungk)
I 299 Ich ruf’ zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, BWV 177 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 300 Ich ruf zu dir, Herr Jesu Christ, SWV 326 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 301 Ich sandte die Propheten nicht (Christoph Bernhard)
I 302 Ich schall mein Horn ins Jammertal (Melchior Franck)
I 303 Ich sing (Antonio Brunelli)
I 304 Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier (Johannes Eccard)
I 305 Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier (Martin Köler)
I 306 Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier, BWV 469 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 307 Ich stund an einem Morgen (Heinrich Isaac)
I 308 Ich sucht des Nachts a 6 (Melchior Franck)
I 309 Ich wandte mich (Johannes Brahms)
I 310 Ich weiß mir ein Maidlein hübsch und fein (Caspar Othmayr)
I 311 Ich weiss mir ein Meidlein (Orlando di Lasso)
I 312 Ich weiß nicht, was ich suchen könnte (Wilhelm Greef)
I 313 Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt (Johann Michael Bach)
I 314 Ich weiß, daß mein Erlöser lebt, SWV 393 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 315 Ich werde nicht sterben, sondern leben (Heinrich Schütz)
I 316 Ich will den Herren loben (Anonymous)
I 317 Ich will den Herren loben (no. 1) (Georg Philipp Telemann)
I 318 Ich will den Herren loben (no. 2) (Georg Philipp Telemann)
I 319 Ich will den Herren loben allezeit, SWV 306 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 320 Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen, BWV 56 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 321 Ich will hier bei dir stehen (Glenn O’Brien)
I 322 Ich will nun fröhlich singen (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 323 Ich will singen von der Gnade des Herrn ewiglich (Wolfgang Karl Briegel)
I 324 Ich will so lang ich lebe, SWV 131 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 325 Ich will von meiner Missethat (Karl Heinrich Graun)
I 326 Ich will Wasser gießen auf die Dürstigen (Philipp Heinrich Erlebach)
I 327 Ich will zu Land ausreiten (Melchior Franck)
I 328 Ich wollt’, daß ich daheime wär (Hugo Distler)
I 329 Ick ghink gister avent (Carolus Souliaert)
I 330 Ick heb geroepen (Cornelis Boscoop)
I 331 Ick heb gheroepen tot u o Heer (Psalm 140) (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
I 332 Ideale (Francesco Paolo Tosti)
I 333 Idumea (Oliver Holden)
I 334 Ie ny sçauroys chanter ne rire (Mathieu Gascongne)
I 335 Ierusalem a 5 (Agostino Agazzari)
I 336 Iesu diletto sposo (Lauda) (Anonymous)
I 337 Iesu tibi sit gloria (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 338 Iesus Rex admirabilis (Giovanni Battista Riccio)
I 339 If beauty be a treasure (Thomas Weelkes)
I 340 If fluds of teares could clense my follies past (John Dowland)
I 341 If I can stop one heart from breaking (Charles West)
I 342 If I had been in Bethlehem (Sally DeFord)
I 343 If I had but two little wings (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 344 If I have but a moment (Sally DeFord)
I 345 If I listen with my heart (Sally DeFord)
I 346 If I planted a garden (Sally DeFord)
I 347 If I urge my kind desires (Philip Rosseter)
I 348 If I were a tree (Michael Leuchtenberger)
I 349 If in thine heart (William Byrd)
I 350 If in this flesh (Robert Jones)
I 351 If it be love to sit and mourn (John Hilton the younger)
I 352 If love and all the world were young (Samuel Webbe)
I 353 If Love be blind (Thomas Bateson)
I 354 If love’s a sweet passion, Z 630/17 (Henry Purcell)
I 355 If music be the food of love, Z 379 (Henry Purcell)
I 356 If my complaints could passions move (John Dowland)
I 357 If pity range with beauty (George Kirbye)
I 358 If she forsake me (Philip Rosseter)
I 359 If that a sinner’s sighs (William Byrd)
I 360 If that a sinner’s sighs be Angels’ food (John Dowland)
I 361 If the Lord himself had not been on our side (James Nares)
I 362 If the Lord himself had not been on our side (William Knapp)
I 363 If the Savior stood beside me (Sally DeFord)
I 364 If thou shalt confess with thy mouth, Op. 37, No. 2 (Charles Villiers Stanford)
I 365 If thou wouldst ease thine heart (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 366 If thy deceitful looks (Thomas Weelkes)
I 367 If we believe that Jesus died (John Goss)
I 368 If we believe that Jesus died (William Boyce)
I 369 If we desire a deeper life (Thurlow Weed)
I 370 If women could be fair (William Byrd)
I 371 If ye be risen again with Christ (Christopher Tye)
I 372 If ye be risen again with Christ (Orlando Gibbons)
I 373 If ye love me (Henry J. Gauntlett)
I 374 If ye love me (Thomas Tallis)
I 375 If ye then be risen with Christ (Charles Villiers Stanford)
I 376 If you love me (Charles H. Giffen)
I 377 If you love me (Roger Petrich)
I 378 Igno soave ove’l mio foco (Philippe Verdelot)
I 379 Ihesu Criste piissime (Johannes Martini)
I 380 Ihesu redemptor (Anonymous)
I 381 Ihr Brüder, lieben Brüder mein (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 382 Ihr Heiligen, lobsinget dem Herren, SWV 288 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 383 Ihr Heiligen, lobsinget dem Herrn (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 384 Ihr Kinderlein kommet (Johann Abraham Peter Schulz)
I 385 Ihr lieben Christen, freut euch nun (Dietrich Buxtehude)
I 386 Ihr lieben Hirten, fürchtet euch nicht (Andreas Hammerschmidt)
I 387 Ihr lieben Kinder freuet euch (Anonymous)
I 388 Ihr lieben Kinder freuet euch (Joachim a Burgk)
I 389 Ihr Mädchen vom Lande (Burkhart M. Schürmann)
I 390 Ihr meine Seuffzer (Johann Nauwach)
I 391 Ihr Musici, frisch auf (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 392 Ihr schwarzen Augen, Op. 65, No. 4 (Johannes Brahms)
I 393 Ihr unsre neuen Leiter, K 484 (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
I 394 Ihr werdet weinen und heulen, BWV 103 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 395 Ihr, die ihr euch von Christo nennet, BWV 164 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 396 Ik ben een krokus (Willem Verkaik)
I 397 Ik kan u niet vergeten (Daniël Clément)
I 398 Ik zeg adieu (Anonymous)
I 399 Ik zeg adieu (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
I 400 Il ballerino (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 401 Il Barbiere di Siviglia (Gioachino Rossini)
I 402 Il bianco e dolce cigno (Giovanni Battista Mosto)
I 403 Il bianco e dolce cigno (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 404 Il bianco e dolce cigno (Orazio Vecchi)
I 405 Il Carnevale di Venezia (Gioachino Rossini)
I 406 Il Ciarlatano (Giacomo Carissimi)
I 407 Il ciel che rado (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 408 Il contento (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 409 Il Costante (Fin ch’avrò vita vò) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 410 Il cuore è pieno di farfalle d’oro (Mario Tento)
I 411 Il Curioso (Dimmi ch’è del mio core) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 412 Il dì s’appressa (Cipriano de Rore)
I 413 Il dolce sonno (Andreas Pevernage)
I 414 Il dolce sonno mi promise in pace (Jan Tollius)
I 415 Il dolce sonno mi promise pace (Andrea Gabrieli)
I 416 Il dolce sonno mi promise pace (Giaches de Wert)
I 417 Il est bel et bon (Pierre Passereau)
I 418 Il est de bonne heure né (Anonymous)
I 419 Il est en vous le bien que je désire (Claudin de Sermisy)
I 420 Il est vray (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 421 Il estoit un clerc (Jean de Castro)
I 422 Il estoit une fillette (Clément Janequin)
I 423 Il estoit une fillette (Cornelius Canis)
I 424 Il estoit une religieuse (Orlando di Lasso)
I 425 Il fait bon aimer l’oiselet (Antoine de Févin)
I 426 Il Felice (Per voler d’amore) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 427 Il Fortunato (Vò lodar mai sempre amor) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 428 Il gioco dell’Occa (from ‘Triaca musicale’) (Giovanni Croce)
I 429 Il grave de l’età (Orlando di Lasso)
I 430 Il Luchesino (Vita mia perchè mi fuggi) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 431 Il magnanimo Pietro (Orlando di Lasso)
I 432 Il marmo fino (Orazio Vecchi)
I 433 Il Martellato (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 434 Il me prend fantasie (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 435 Il me semble que la journée (Claude Goudimel)
I 436 Il me souffit (Claudin de Sermisy)
I 437 Il mio ben quando verrà (Giovanni Paisiello)
I 438 Il mio martir (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 439 Il mondo è gli audaci (Giovanni Marciani)
I 440 Il morire a sé (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 441 Il Nini muàrt (Mario Berlinguer)
I 442 Il non poter veder il divin volto (Jhan Gero)
I 443 Il Passionao (E’ vivo’l mio despetto) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 444 Il Piacere (Al piacer a la gioia) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 445 Il pietoso Giesu (lauda) (Anonymous)
I 446 Il piu fido di me (Benedetto Ferrari)
I 447 Il piu leggiadro viso (Leonard Meldert)
I 448 Il pleure dans mon cœur (Claude Debussy)
I 449 Il Premiato (Ove ne vai si in fretta) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 450 Il Prigioniero (O vezzosetta e bella) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 451 Il prim’ assalto (Simon de Baldis)
I 452 Il risentito (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 453 Il sangue dell’umanato Verbo (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 454 Il Santissimo Sacramento (Traditional)
I 455 Il s’en va tard (Clément Janequin)
I 456 Il sol, qual or più splende (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 457 Il Tedesco (Viva, viva Bacco ognor) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 458 Il Tormentato (Non mi dar tanto martir) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 459 Il vagh’e dolce sguardo (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 460 Il vapore (Domenico Alaleona)
I 461 Il vostro Dio (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 462 Il vostro dipartir (Maddalena Casulana)
I 463 Il vostro vago viso (Lodovico Agostini)
I 464 Il y a trois dames à Paris (Marbrianus de Orto)
I 465 Ilargia Eta Eguzkia (Adrian Cuello)
I 466 I’ll celebrate thy praises, Lord (Joseph Stephenson)
I 467 I’ll praise my maker while I’ve breath (Almond Woolf)
I 468 I’ll tell me Ma (Willem Verkaik)
I 469 Illibata Dei Virgo nutrix (Josquin des Prez)
I 470 Illumina (Arjan van Baest)
I 471 Illumina faciem (Heinrich Isaac)
I 472 Illumina faciem tuam (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 473 Illumina faciem tuam (Nobuaki Izawa)
I 474 Illumina nos (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 475 Illumina oculos meos (Ivo de Vento)
I 476 Illumina oculos meos (Johann Feldmayr)
I 477 Illumina oculos meos (Orlando di Lasso)
I 478 Illumina oculos meos (Wilhelm Meyer Lutz)
I 479 Illumina oculos meos a 3 (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 480 Illumina oculos meos a 5 (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 481 Illumina oculos meos a 6 (Philippe de Monte)
I 482 Illuminare Hierusalem a 8 (Melchior Franck)
I 483 Illustra faciem tuam (Orlando di Lasso)
I 484 Illustre alma gentile (Alessandro Striggio)
I 485 Ilz ont en mesme temps mesme contentement (Andreas Pevernage)
I 486 Im Abendrot (Fritz Brodersen)
I 487 Im Advent, Op. 79, No. 5 (Felix Mendelssohn)
I 488 Im Anfang war das Wort (Markus Pfandler)
I 489 Im finstern Stall (Johann Stobäus)
I 490 Im Garten leidet Christus Not (Joachim a Burgk)
I 491 Im Garten leidet Christus Not (Johannes Eccard)
I 492 I’m gonna sing (Traditional)
I 493 Im Grünen, Op. 59, No. 1 (Felix Mendelssohn)
I 494 Im Herbst, Op. 104, No. 5 (Johannes Brahms)
I 495 Im Himmelreich ein Haus steht op. 111b No. 1 (Max Reger)
I 496 Im Himmelreich, Opus 90, Nr. 1 (Max Bruch)
I 497 Im külen Mäyen (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 498 Im Leib mein junges Hertze (Orazio Vecchi)
I 499 Im Maien (Johann Steffens)
I 500 Im Märzen der Bauer (Burkhart M. Schürmann)
I 501 Im Mayen (Orlando di Lasso)
I 502 Im Meyen hoert man die Hanen kreen (Ludwig Senfl)
I 503 Im Park (Norbert Lederbauer)
I 504 Im Sommer (Huub de Lange)
I 505 Im stillen Grunde, Op. 80, No. 1 (Josef Rheinberger)
I 506 Im Vorübergehn (In passing by) (Carl Loewe)
I 507 Im Wald Op. 100, No. 4 (Felix Mendelssohn)
I 508 Im Walde (Robert Schumann)
I 509 Im Walde, Op. 41, No. 1 (Felix Mendelssohn)
I 510 Im wunderschönen Monat Mai (Robert Schumann)
I 511 Imandra (Ananias Davisson)
I 512 Imbolc (Leanne Daharja Veitch)
I 513 Imitation (Jonathan Adams)
I 514 Imitazione del veneziano (Orazio Vecchi)
I 515 Immaculata Virgo / Che puoi tu farmi (Ruggiero Giovannelli)
I 516 Immanuel (Oliver Holden)
I 517 Immanuel, Immanuel (Sally DeFord)
I 518 Immensa fiamma (Filippo Vitale)
I 519 Immense caeli conditor (Paolo Teodori)
I 520 Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer (Johannes Brahms)
I 521 Immittet angelus Domini (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 522 Immittet angelus Domini (Orlando di Lasso)
I 523 Immolabit haedum (Francisco Valls)
I 524 Immortality (Amos Bull)
I 525 Immutemur habitu (Bartolomé de Escobedo)
I 526 Immutemur habitu (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 527 Imperayritz de la ciutat ioyosa (Anonymous)
I 528 Imperial Rome, the mistress of the world (John Wall Callcott)
I 529 Impetum inimicorum ne timueris (Silvio Marazzi)
I 530 Impetum inimicorum ne timueritis (Tiburtio Massaino)
I 531 Improperium (Giovanni Bernardo Zucchinetti)
I 532 Improperium (Orlando di Lasso)
I 533 Improperium expectavit (Giovanni Battista Casali)
I 534 Improperium expectavit (Julius André)
I 535 Improperium expectavit cor meum (Franz Xaver Witt)
I 536 Improperium expectavit cor meum (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 537 Improperium exspectavit (Giovanni Giorgi)
I 538 Improperium exspectavit (Pompeo Cannicciari)
I 539 Improperium exspectavit, op. 66/8 (Oreste Ravanello)
I 540 Impulsus eversus (Antonius Gallus)
I 541 Impulsus eversus sum (Orlando di Lasso)
I 542 In a green arbour (Huub de Lange)
I 543 In aeternum (William Mundy)
I 544 In all her steps, in each enchanting eye (John Wall Callcott)
I 545 In all my dreams I dream of you (Al Piantadosi)
I 546 In all things (Patrick O’Shea)
I 547 In allen meinen Taten, BWV 97 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 548 In amor che stravaganza (Loreto Vittori)
I 549 In April when primroses (Douglas Brooks-Davies)
I 550 In black mourn I (Thomas Weelkes)
I 551 In caelestibus regnis (Asprilio Pacelli)
I 552 In campo di pietade (Marcantonio Tornioli)
I 553 In civitate a 8 (Andrea Rota)
I 554 In civitate Domini (Arnold von Bruck)
I 555 In coelestibus regnis a 6 (Jacob Handl)
I 556 In Conceptione BMV – Sequentia (Anonymous)
I 557 In conspectu Angelorum (Francisco Guerrero)
I 558 In conspectu angelorum (Sebastian de Vivanco)
I 559 In conspectu gentium a 7 (Tiburtio Massaino)
I 560 In convertendo (Giovanni Bernardino Nanino)
I 561 In convertendo (Orlando di Lasso)
I 562 In convertendo Dominus (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 563 In convertendo Dominus captivitatem Zion (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 564 In cosi dura sorte (Lodovico Agostini)
I 565 In crystal towers (William Byrd)
I 566 In darkness let me dwell (John Dowland)
I 567 In dedicatione templi (Gregorius Trehou)
I 568 In dedicatione templi (Orlando di Lasso)
I 569 In dedicatione templi a 7 (Andrea Rota)
I 570 In deep distress (John Mundy)
I 571 In Deo laudabo (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 572 In Deo salutare meum (Orlando di Lasso)
I 573 In Deo speravit cor meum (Claudio Merulo)
I 574 In der Christnacht , Opus 60, Nr. 1 (Max Bruch)
I 575 In der Ferne (Friedrich Silcher)
I 576 In der Ferne, Op. 21, No. 6 (Hermann Goetz)
I 577 In der Fremde (Huub de Lange)
I 578 In der Fremde (Robert Schumann)
I 579 In der Marienkirche (Carl Loewe)
I 580 In der Nacht (Johannes Brahms)
I 581 In der Passionszeit, Op. 79, No. 4 (Felix Mendelssohn)
I 582 In der Weihnachtszeit (Sigismund Ritter von Neukomm)
I 583 In desen cauden nacht (Jan Van der Wielen)
I 584 In dew of roses (Thomas Morley)
I 585 In dich hab ich gehoffet, Herr, SWV 446 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 586 In die mee sepulture (Mick Swithinbank)
I 587 In die tribulationis (Damião de Góis)
I 588 In die tribulationis (Giovanni Croce)
I 589 In die tribulationis (Jacquet de Mantua)
I 590 In die tribulationis (Philippe de Monte)
I 591 In diebus illis mulier (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 592 In dir ist Freude (Eberhard Arning)
I 593 In dolorous complaining (Michael East)
I 594 In dreams (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
I 595 In drucke moet ick sterven (Anonymous)
I 596 In dubbio di mio stato (Girolamo Scotto)
I 597 In dubio di mio stato (Girolamo Scotto)
I 598 In dulci iubilo (Sethus Calvisius)
I 599 In dulci jubilo (Anonymous)
I 600 In dulci jubilo (Bartholomeus Gesius)
I 601 In dulci jubilo (Carl Thiel)
I 602 In dulci jubilo (Dietrich Buxtehude)
I 603 In dulci jubilo (Friedrich Silcher)
I 604 In dulci jubilo (Hieronymus Praetorius)
I 605 In dulci jubilo (Joachim Decker)
I 606 In dulci jubilo (Johann Sebastian Bach)
I 607 In dulci jubilo (Johann Walter)
I 608 In dulci jubilo (Johannes Eccard)
I 609 In dulci jubilo (Joseph G. Stephens)
I 610 In dulci jubilo (Michael Praetorius)
I 611 In dulci jubilo (Robert Lucas Pearsall)
I 612 In dulci jubilo (Traditional)
I 613 In dulci jubilo a 2 (Michael Praetorius)
I 614 In dulci jubilo a 4 I (Leonhard Paminger)
I 615 In dulci jubilo a 4 II (Leonhard Paminger)
I 616 In dulci jubilo a 6 (Leonhard Paminger)
I 617 In Dulci Jubilo à due cori in canone (Christoph Lahme)
I 618 In dulci jubilo II (Michael Praetorius)
I 619 In dulci jubilo III (Michael Praetorius)
I 620 In dulci jubilo IV (Michael Praetorius)
I 621 In dulci jubilo, a 8 (Michael Praetorius)
I 622 In ecclesiis (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 623 In Eternity (Jens Klimek)
I 624 In eurer Lieb (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 625 In ev’ry place (Thomas Morley)
I 626 In excelsis gloria (Clifford Boyd)
I 627 In excelso throno (Robert Hugill)
I 628 In exitu Israel (Francisco Valls)
I 629 In exitu Israel (Samuel Wesley)
I 630 In exitu Israel (Vincenzo Galilei)
I 631 In exitu Israel de Aegypto (Jean Louys)
I 632 In fields abroad (William Byrd)
I 633 In flagellis potum fellis (Josquin des Prez)
I 634 In Flanders fields (Luc Jakobs)
I 635 In freezing winter night (Mick Swithinbank)
I 636 In God the Lord I put my trust (Thomas Ravenscroft)
I 637 In going to my naked bed (Richard Edwards)
I 638 In guilty night, Z 134 (Henry Purcell)
I 639 In him we live (Sally DeFord)
I 640 In hoc cognoscent (Gregorian chant)
I 641 In hoc cognoscent omnes (Christoph Dalitz)
I 642 In hoc ergo sperabo (Pierre Moulu)
I 643 In honorem beatae Mariae virginis (Francisco Valls)
I 644 In honorem beatissimae Mariae Virginis (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 645 In hora ultima (Orlando di Lasso)
I 646 In humble faith and holy love (George M. Garrett)
I 647 In hydraulis (Antoine Busnois)
I 648 In illa die cadent montes (Agostino Soderini)
I 649 In illo tempore (Orlando di Lasso)
I 650 In illo tempore accesserunt (Jean Mouton)
I 651 In illo tempore assumpsit Jesus (Francisco Guerrero)
I 652 In illo tempore assumpsit Jesus Petrum (Francesco Soriano)
I 653 In illo tempore dixit Jesus (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 654 In illo tempore egressus Jesus (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 655 In illo tempore erat Dominus Jesus (I) (Francisco Guerrero)
I 656 In illo tempore erat Dominus Jesus (II) (Francisco Guerrero)
I 657 In illo tempore modicum (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 658 In illo tempore postquam (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck)
I 659 In illo tempore postquam (Jean Mouton)
I 660 In illo tempore stabant autem (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 661 In illo tempore, accesserunt (Anonymous)
I 662 In illo tempore, assumpsit Jesus duodecim (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 663 In illo tempore, cum turba plurima (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 664 In illo tempore, dicebat (Estêvão de Brito)
I 665 In illo tempore, litigabant (Sampson I)
I 666 In jejunio et fletu (Thomas Tallis)
I 667 In Josquinum a Prato (Nicolas Gombert)
I 668 In Laetitia (Velthur Tognoni)
I 669 In lectulo (Giovanni Paolo Caprioli)
I 670 In lectulo meo (Anonymous)
I 671 In lectulo meo a 5 (Andrea Rota)
I 672 In lectulo per noctes, SWV 272 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 673 In manus tuas (1st setting) (John Sheppard)
I 674 In manus tuas (2nd setting) (John Sheppard)
I 675 In manus tuas (3rd setting) (John Sheppard)
I 676 In manus tuas (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 677 In manus tuas (Ivo de Vento)
I 678 In manus tuas (Robert Parsons)
I 679 In manus tuas (Samuel Webbe)
I 680 In manus tuas (Scott Villard)
I 681 In manus tuas (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
I 682 In manus tuas (William Byrd)
I 683 In manus tuas Domine (Gregorian chant)
I 684 In manus tuas Domine (Thomas Tallis)
I 685 In manus tuas, Domine (Charles H. Giffen)
I 686 In Mariam vite viam (Hermanus de Atrio)
I 687 In martyris Laurentii (Gregorian chant)
I 688 In me cresce l’ardore (Anonymous)
I 689 In me transierunt (Jean Maillard)
I 690 In me transierunt irae tuae (Orlando di Lasso)
I 691 In medio ecclesiæ (Anonymous)
I 692 In medio Ecclesiae (Giovanni Briccio)
I 693 In meinem jungen Hertzen (Gemignano Capilupi)
I 694 In meiner not (Adam Gumpelzhaimer)
I 695 In memoriam (John Stainer)
I 696 In midst of woods (John Mundy)
I 697 In monte Oliveti – Antiphon (Franz Schubert)
I 698 In Monte Oliveti (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
I 699 In monte Oliveti (Anonymous)
I 700 In monte Oliveti (Anton Bruckner)
I 701 In monte Oliveti (Antonio Maria Pacchioni)
I 702 In monte Oliveti (Giovanni Battista Martini)
I 703 In monte Oliveti (Giovanni Croce)
I 704 In monte Oliveti (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 705 In Monte Oliveti (Jeffrey Quick)
I 706 In monte Oliveti (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 707 In monte Oliveti (Juozas Naujalis)
I 708 In monte oliveti (Leonhard Paminger)
I 709 In monte Oliveti (Marco Antonio Ingegneri)
I 710 In monte Oliveti (Mariano Garau)
I 711 In monte Oliveti (Mikolaj Zielenski)
I 712 In monte Oliveti (Orlando di Lasso)
I 713 In monte Oliveti II (Mariano Garau)
I 714 In my image (Casey Anno)
I 715 In my trouble I called upon the Lord (William Knapp)
I 716 In natali (Johannes Galliculus)
I 717 In natali Domini (Anonymous)
I 718 In natali Domini (Gregorian chant)
I 719 In natali Domini (Mariano Garau)
I 720 In natali Domini (Michael Praetorius)
I 721 In Nativitatem D. N. J. C. Canticum, H 414 (Marc-Antoine Charpentier)
I 722 In nativitatem Domini H 314 (Marc-Antoine Charpentier)
I 723 In nets of golden wires (Thomas Morley)
I 724 In nightly stillness (Wrsod nocnej ciszy) (Traditional)
I 725 In nomine Jesu (Ferdinand di Lasso (II))
I 726 In nomine Jesu (Jacob Handl)
I 727 In notte placida (François Couperin)
I 728 In odorem unguentorum (Jan Tollius)
I 729 In omnem terram (Giovanni Andrea Draconio)
I 730 In omnem terram (Giovanni Francesco Anerio)
I 731 In omnem terram (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 732 In omnem terram, MH 46 (Johann Michael Haydn)
I 733 In omni tribulatione (Thomas Sailly)
I 734 In omnibus Iesum (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 735 In omnibus requiem quaesivi (Orlando di Lasso)
I 736 In One Body (Louis K. Liu)
I 737 In one harmonious cheerful song (Thomas Clark)
I 738 In pace (Christopher Tye)
I 739 In pace (Emerico Lobo de Mesquita)
I 740 In pace (John Blitheman)
I 741 In pace (John Sheppard)
I 742 In pace (John Taverner)
I 743 In pace in id ipsum dormiam/Nun last uns (Johann Stahel)
I 744 In pace in idipsum (Guillaume Bouzignac)
I 745 In pace in idipsum (Orlando di Lasso)
I 746 In pace in idipsum (Scott Villard)
I 747 In pace in idipsum (Thomas Tallis)
I 748 In pace, in pace (Pierre Moulu)
I 749 In paradisum (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 750 In paradisum (Gregorian chant)
I 751 In paradisum (Gregory Hamilton)
I 752 In paradisum (John Kilpatrick)
I 753 In paradisum (Joseph G. Stephens)
I 754 In paradisum (Juan Esquivel)
I 755 In paradisum (Oscar Santos)
I 756 In paradisum (P. Eppink)
I 757 In Paradisum (Pascal Picard)
I 758 In passione positus (Juan Navarro Hispalensis)
I 759 In piaga di dolore (Marcantonio Tornioli)
I 760 In più leggiadro velo (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 761 In porto oleoso (Adriano Secco)
I 762 In praise of song (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 763 In praise of songs that die (David Monks)
I 764 In praise of white wine (John Reading)
I 765 In pride of May (Thomas Weelkes)
I 766 In principio creavit Deus (Sigismondo d’India)
I 767 In principio erat verbum (Orlando di Lasso)
I 768 In quacumque die (Orlando di Lasso)
I 769 In qual parte del ciel (Orlando di Lasso)
I 770 In questa tomba oscura (Ludwig van Beethoven)
I 771 In queste amate sponde (Giovanni Artusi)
I 772 In questo di si bello (Lodovico Agostini)
I 773 In quo corriget adolescentior (Constantijn Huygens)
I 774 In Rama sonat gemitus (Anonymous)
I 775 In resurrectione tua (William Byrd)
I 776 In S. Angelum custodem WAB 18 (Anton Bruckner)
I 777 In salutari tuo (Heinrich Isaac)
I 778 In salutari tuo (Nobuaki Izawa)
I 779 In salutari tuo a 5 (Andrea Rota)
I 780 In Silence (Jens Klimek)
I 781 In silentio et spe (Caspar Othmayr)
I 782 In spiritu humilitatis (Giovanni Battista Riccio)
I 783 In spiritu humilitatis (Giovanni Croce)
I 784 In splendoribus (Gregorian chant)
I 785 In splendoribus (Ludwig Senfl)
I 786 In stiller Nacht, 26 Deutsche Volkslieder, No. 8 (Johannes Brahms)
I 787 In sweet exalted strains (Thomas Clark)
I 788 In te credo (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 789 In Te Domine speravi (Alessandro Grandi)
I 790 In te Domine speravi (Benedetto Pallavicino)
I 791 In te Domine speravi (Benedetto Re)
I 792 In te Domine speravi (Dietrich Buxtehude)
I 793 In te Domine speravi (Francisco Valls)
I 794 In te Domine speravi (František Tůma)
I 795 In te Domine speravi (Giovanni Rovetta)
I 796 In te Domine speravi (Johann Rosenmüller)
I 797 In te Domine speravi (John Mundy)
I 798 In te Domine speravi (Josquin des Prez)
I 799 In te Domine speravi (Michele Saladino)
I 800 In te Domine speravi (Orlando di Lasso)
I 801 In te Domine speravi a 12 (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 802 In te Domine speravi a 4 (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 803 In te Domine speravi a 8 (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 804 In te Domine speravi, Op. 296, No. 2 (Robert Führer)
I 805 In te Domine speravi, SWV 66 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 806 In te la vita (Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger)
I 807 In te speravi (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 808 In te speravi (Jakob Quadflieg)
I 809 In te speravi (Jef Tinel)
I 810 In te speravi (Peter Griesbacher)
I 811 In te speravi (Wilhelm Meyer Lutz)
I 812 In te speravi Domine (Orlando di Lasso)
I 813 In te, Domine (Carl Schiedermayr)
I 814 In te, Domine, speravi (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck)
I 815 In te, Domine, speravi, SWV 259 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 816 In tenebris a 5 (Leonhard Lechner)
I 817 In tenebris nostræ (Annibale Meloni)
I 818 In that day shall this song be sung (Thomas Clark)
I 819 In that immense love (Gabrael StClair)
I 820 In the beginning (Michael Winikoff)
I 821 In the beginning was the Word (James Kent)
I 822 In the bleak midwinter (Gustav Holst)
I 823 In the bleak midwinter (Harold Darke)
I 824 In the bleak midwinter (Jens Klimek)
I 825 In the bleak midwinter (Mick Swithinbank)
I 826 In the cross of Christ I glory (John Stainer)
I 827 In the departure of the Lord (John Bull)
I 828 In the ending of the year (Anonymous)
I 829 In the foremer treatyse (Christopher Tye)
I 830 In the good old summer time (George Evans)
I 831 In the hour of trial (John Bacchus Dykes)
I 832 In the last days (Maggie Furtak)
I 833 In the lonely vale (John Wall Callcott)
I 834 In the midst of life (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 835 In the Old Town Hall (Harry Pease)
I 836 In the silent garden (Sally DeFord)
I 837 In the sun, in the sand, by the sea (Joseph G. Stephens)
I 838 In the winter’s early darkness (Thurlow Weed)
I 839 In thee, O Lord (John Weldon)
I 840 In these delightful pleasant groves (Henry Purcell)
I 841 In this place (Patrick O’Shea)
I 842 In this poor stable (Charles Gounod)
I 843 In this trembling shadow (John Dowland)
I 844 In those dayes as the nombre playne (Christopher Tye)
I 845 In token that thou shalt not fear (Bernard E. Mather)
I 846 In tribulatione dilatasti (Camillo Zanotti)
I 847 In tribulatione Dominum invocavi (Andrea Gabrieli)
I 848 In tribulatione mea (Ascanio Trombetti)
I 849 In tribulatione mea (Claudio Merulo)
I 850 In trouble and adversitie (John Dowland)
I 851 In trouble and adversity (John Taverner)
I 852 In trouble and in thrall (Giles Farnaby)
I 853 In trouble and in thrall (Joseph Key)
I 854 In tua memoria (Arnold de Lantins)
I 855 In tua patientia (Adrian Willaert)
I 856 In tua patientia (Luca Marenzio)
I 857 In un bel prato (Girolamo Scotto)
I 858 In un boschetto novo (Orlando di Lasso)
I 859 In un lucido rio (Luca Marenzio)
I 860 In una verde piaggia vidi Ninfe e Pastori (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 861 In vain would fortune (Samuel Webbe)
I 862 In van speri (Benedetto Ferrari)
I 863 In virtute tua (Michael Haller)
I 864 In virtute tua (Orazio Tarditi)
I 865 In voce exultationis (Giuseppe Pitoni)
I 866 In voluntate tua (Robert Hugill)
I 867 In voluntate tua a 8 (Andrea Rota)
I 868 In Winter cold – Whereat an ant (William Byrd)
I 869 In youth is pleasure (Gustav Holst)
I 870 Incanto della Schiava (from ‘Triaca musicale’) (Giovanni Croce)
I 871 Incenerite spoglie, avara tomba (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 872 Incense (Oliver Holden)
I 873 Incessabili voce proclamant (Francisco Valls)
I 874 Incessament (Josquin des Prez)
I 875 Incessament mon povre cueur lamente (Pierre de La Rue)
I 876 Incessament suis triste (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
I 877 Inchinatevi (Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger)
I 878 Incipit lamentatio (Gregorio Allegri)
I 879 Incipite Domino in tympanis (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 880 Incipite Domino in tympanis (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 881 Incipite Domino in tympanis (Pietro Lappi)
I 882 Inclina (Georg Wühr)
I 883 Inclina aurem tuam (Heinrich Isaac)
I 884 Inclina aurem tuam (Nobuaki Izawa)
I 885 Inclina cor meum (Philippe de Monte)
I 886 Inclina cor meum (Philippe Rogier)
I 887 Inclina Domine (1st setting) (John Sheppard)
I 888 Inclina Domine (Alexander Utendal)
I 889 Inclina Domine (Ambrosian chant)
I 890 Inclina Domine (Josef Ignaz Schnabel)
I 891 Inclina Domine (Paolo Tarditi)
I 892 Inclina Domine a 12 (Melchior Franck)
I 893 Inclina Domine aurem a 6 (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 894 Inclina Domine aurem tuam a 4 (Orlando di Lasso)
I 895 Inclina Domine aurem tuam a 9 (Orlando di Lasso)
I 896 Inclina Domine I (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 897 Inclina Domine II (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 898 Inclina mater misericordiae (Ignazio Donati)
I 899 Inclina, Domine (Robert Hugill)
I 900 Independence (William Billings)
I 901 Indi per alto mar (Orlando di Lasso)
I 902 Indian Requiem (Martin Rudolph)
I 903 Indicabo tibi, homo (Claudio Merulo)
I 904 Infant holy, Infant lowly (W zlobie lezy!) (Traditional)
I 905 Infant Time (Oliver Holden)
I 906 Infant-Savior (William Knapp)
I 907 Infelice mio core – Ahi fiera e trista sorte (Rinaldo del Mel)
I 908 Infelix ego – Quid igitur faciam? – Ad te igitur (William Byrd)
I 909 Infelix ego (Orlando di Lasso)
I 910 Ingerid Sletten (Wilhelm Peterson-Berger)
I 911 Ingiustissim’ amor (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 912 Ingiustissimo Amor (Alfonso dalla Viola)
I 913 Ingiustissimo Amor (Costanzo Festa)
I 914 Ingiustissimo Amor (Girolamo Scotto)
I 915 Ingiustissimo Amor (Vincenzo Ruffo)
I 916 Ingólfs minni (Sveinbjörn Sveinbjörnsson)
I 917 Ingrata disleali – Donna inconstante (Giovanni Stefani)
I 918 Ingratitudo (Anonymous)
I 919 Ingrediente Domino (Baldassare Galuppi)
I 920 Ingrediente Domino (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 921 Ingrediente Domino (Gregorian chant)
I 922 Ingrediente Domino (Robert Hugill)
I 923 Ingressus Angelus (Michael Praetorius)
I 924 Inimici autem (Orlando di Lasso)
I 925 Inimici autem mei vivunt (Ascanio Trombetti)
I 926 Iniqua gelosia (Raffaello Rontani)
I 927 Iniquissimo Giuda (Giovanni Pietro Biandra)
I 928 Iniquitatem meam (Constantijn Huygens)
I 929 Iniquos odio habui (Orlando di Lasso)
I 930 Iniquos odio habui a 6 (Andrea Gabrieli)
I 931 Iniquos odio habui a 8 (Luca Marenzio)
I 932 Innamorata di Gesù (Paolo Pandolfo)
I 933 Innario RPS (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 934 Inni e canti (Traditional)
I 935 Inno a Maria Vergine (Franz Liszt)
I 936 Inno a Santo Apollinare (Velthur Tognoni)
I 937 Inno al Creatore (Ludwig van Beethoven)
I 938 Inno alla Croce (Daniele Colla)
I 939 Inno alla vita (Alessandro Kirschner)
I 940 Inno Crux, Mundi Benedictio (Velthur Tognoni)
I 941 Inno del Giubileo – Jubilee Anthem (Jean-Paul Lécot)
I 942 Inno per Natale (Friedrich Silcher)
I 943 Innocentes (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 944 Innocentes occisi sunt (Luca Marenzio)
I 945 Innsbruck, ich muss dich lassen (Heinrich Isaac)
I 946 Insanae et vanae curae (Joseph Haydn)
I 947 Inscriptions for a peal of eight bells (James Walker)
I 948 Inspice vulnera a 8 (Melchior Franck)
I 949 Insurrexerunt in me a 5 (Simone Molinaro)
I 950 Integer vitae (Friedrich Ferdinand Flemming)
I 951 Integer vitae scelerisque purus (Michael Pesenti)
I 952 Intellectum tibi dabo (Orlando di Lasso)
I 953 Intellige clamorem meum (Heinrich Isaac)
I 954 Intellige clamorem meum (Offertorium) (Carl Ludwig Drobisch)
I 955 Intelligite insipientes a 7 (Tiburtio Massaino)
I 956 Intemerata Dei mater (Johannes Ockeghem)
I 957 Intende voci (Julius André)
I 958 Intende voci (Orlando di Lasso)
I 959 Intende voci orationis meae (Edward Elgar)
I 960 Intenerite voi (Angelo Notari)
I 961 Intenerite voi (Claudio Saracini)
I 962 Intenerite voi (Piero Benedetti)
I 963 Intenerite voi lagrime mie (Raffaello Rontani)
I 964 Intenerite voi lagrime mie (Sigismondo d’India)
I 965 Inter amenitatis tripudia-O livor anxie (Anonymous)
I 966 Inter brachia Salvatoris mei, SWV 82 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 967 Inter natos mulierum (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 968 Inter natos mulierum (Ferdinand di Lasso)
I 969 Inter natos mulierum (Giovanni Priuli)
I 970 Inter natos mulierum (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 971 Inter natos mulierum (Ivo de Vento)
I 972 Inter natos mulierum (Orlando di Lasso)
I 973 Inter natos mulierum a 4 (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 974 Inter natos mulierum a 8 (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 975 Inter natos mulierum, K.72/74f (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)
I 976 Inter vestibulum (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 977 Inter vestibulum et altare (Cristóbal de Morales)
I 978 Inter vestibulum et altare (Giacomo Antonio Perti)
I 979 Inter vestibulum et altare (Rodrigo de Ceballos)
I 980 Intercessio nos (Anonymous)
I 981 Intercession (Samuel Babcock)
I 982 Intercessor (Charles Hubert Hastings Parry)
I 983 Interdette speranz’ e van desio (Sigismondo d’India)
I 984 Interdette speranze (Piero Benedetti)
I 985 Interdette speranze e van desio (Luca Marenzio)
I 986 Intermedi (Filippo Vitale)
I 987 Interposition (Oliver Holden)
I 988 Interred here doth lye a worthy wyght (Benjamin Cooke)
I 989 Interrogation (Ebenezer Child)
I 990 Interrotte speranze (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 991 Into my heart (Margaret Ruthven Lang)
I 992 Into the twilight (Peter Bird)
I 993 Into this world of sorrow (Clifford Boyd)
I 994 Intonatio Vespertina (Cesare de Zacharia)
I 995 Intonuit de coelo Dominus a 6 (Francesco Usper)
I 996 Intorno a due vermiglie (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 997 Intorno all’idol mio (Antonio Cesti)
I 998 Intret oratio mea (Robert Hugill)
I 999 Introductory Psalm in C major (George Nicholaevich Voznesensky)
I 1000 Introduxit me rex (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 1001 Introduzione a i Balletti (O compagni allegrezza) (Giovanni Gastoldi)
I 1002 Introibo (Nobuaki Izawa)
I 1003 Introibo ad altare (Heinrich Isaac)
I 1004 Introibo ad altare Dei (Mikolaj Zielenski)
I 1005 Introit (Blessed is the Man) (Samuel Sebastian Wesley)
I 1006 Introit (Missa pro defunctis) (Claudio Casciolini)
I 1007 Introit for Easter day (James Gibb)
I 1008 Introit No. 17 (Arjay Viray)
I 1009 Introitus: Requiem aeternam (from ‘Messa da Requiem’) (Lorenzo Perosi)
I 1010 Introspezione (Velthur Tognoni)
I 1011 Invano ascondi il vero (Annibale Zoilo)
I 1012 Invenerunt me custodes civitatis, SWV 273 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 1013 Inveni David (Anton Bruckner)
I 1014 Inveni David (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 1015 Inveni David (Johann Kaspar Aiblinger)
I 1016 Inveni David II (Anton Bruckner)
I 1017 Inveni David servum meum (Mikolaj Zielenski)
I 1018 Inventae Crucis (Natale Monferrato)
I 1019 Inveterata sunt (Orlando di Lasso)
I 1020 Invicte martyr (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 1021 Invictus (Charles West)
I 1022 Invidioso Amor (Alessandro Striggio)
I 1023 Inviolata (Gregorian chant)
I 1024 Inviolata integra (Giovanni Cavaccio)
I 1025 Inviolata, integra et casta (Adrian Willaert)
I 1026 Inviolata, integra et casta (Josquin des Prez)
I 1027 Invitation (James P. Carrell)
I 1028 Invitation (Jeremiah Ingalls)
I 1029 Invitation (Oliver Brownson)
I 1030 Invocabit me (Heinrich Isaac)
I 1031 Invocabit me (Robert Hugill)
I 1032 Invocabit me ATBB (Robert Hugill)
I 1033 Invocation (François Joseph Gossec)
I 1034 Invocation (Frères moraves) (Anonymous)
I 1035 Invocation (William Billings)
I 1036 Invocation for Thanksgiving (Walter Janes)
I 1037 Invocation to the Sun and Moon (Tim Porter)
I 1038 Io amai sempre (Adrian Willaert)
I 1039 Io ardo (Simone Molinaro)
I 1040 Io ardo’ in vivo foco (Hans Brachrogge)
I 1041 Io ardo o Filli (Giacomo Ricordi)
I 1042 Io canterei d’amor (Cipriano de Rore)
I 1043 Io credea che’l morire (Cipriano de Rore)
I 1044 Io d’altrui (Enrico Radesca)
I 1045 Io di poca fede? (Giovanni Ghizzolo)
I 1046 Io dico che fra voi (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 1047 Io disleale? (Enrico Radesca)
I 1048 Io disprezzava amor (Giovanni de Marini)
I 1049 Io disti e dico (Orazio Vecchi)
I 1050 Io d’odorate (Maddalena Casulana)
I 1051 Io dunq’ingrato (Giovanni Ghizzolo)
I 1052 Io ho nel cor un gelo (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 1053 Io me n’avedo Amore (Arcangelo Crivello)
I 1054 Io mi parto cor mio (Piero Benedetti)
I 1055 Io mi pensai (Jacques Arcadelt)
I 1056 Io mi sento (Enrico Radesca)
I 1057 Io mi sento morir (Lodovico Bellanda)
I 1058 Io mi sento morir (Piero Benedetti)
I 1059 Io mi son giovinetta (Alfonso Fontanelli)
I 1060 Io mi son giovinetta (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 1061 Io mi son giovinetta (Domenico Maria Ferrabosco)
I 1062 Io mi son giovinetta (Jean de Castro)
I 1063 Io mi vinea (Giovanni Ghizzolo)
I 1064 Io mi voglio lamentare (Anonymous)
I 1065 Io morirò d’Amore (Luca Marenzio)
I 1066 Io moro, ecco ch’io moro, SWV 13 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 1067 Io navigai un tempo (Giovanni Domenico da Nola)
I 1068 Io no ‘l dissi (Anonymous)
I 1069 Io non credea già mai (Mogens Pedersøn)
I 1070 Io non son però morto (Giaches de Wert)
I 1071 Io parto, e non più dissi (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 1072 Io pensai dolce, e grato (Costanzo Porta)
I 1073 Io piango (Luca Marenzio)
I 1074 Io pur respiro in così gran dolore (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 1075 Io pur verrò là dove sete (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 1076 Io soffriro cor mio (Giovanni Croce)
I 1077 Io son amante (Benedetto Ferrari)
I 1078 Io son Farfalla (Giovanni Maria Nanino)
I 1079 Io son fenice (Orazio Vecchi)
I 1080 Io son ferito ay lasso (Jean de Castro)
I 1081 Io son ferito hai lasso (Giovanni Francesco Capuano)
I 1082 Io son gia stanco di pensar (Girolamo Scotto)
I 1083 Io son pur giont’ amore (Domenico Micheli)
I 1084 Io son pur vezzosetta (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 1085 Io son sì stanco (Orlando di Lasso)
I 1086 Io son si vago (Philippe de Monte)
I 1087 Io spero (Orazio Vecchi)
I 1088 Io taccio ella mi bacia il volto (Vincenzo Ruffo)
I 1089 Io tacerò (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 1090 Io ti vorria contar (Orlando di Lasso)
I 1091 Io v’amo anci v’adoro (Jhan Gero)
I 1092 Io v’amo e v’amero (Benedetto Ferrari)
I 1093 Io veggio che sei bella (Rinaldo del Mel)
I 1094 Io vi lascio mie scorte (Sigismondo d’India)
I 1095 Io vo fuggend’ in questa parte (Lodovico Agostini)
I 1096 Io vo morire (Bartolomeo Spighi da Prato)
I 1097 Io vorrei pur fuggir (Francesco Corteccia)
I 1098 Io vorrei un bel viso (Benedetto Ferrari)
I 1099 Iona (John Stainer)
I 1100 Ioseph fili David a 8 (Juan Gutierrez de Padilla)
I 1101 Ipse deus pastor meus (Justus Wilhelm Lyra)
I 1102 Ipse est qui post me (Manuel Cardoso)
I 1103 Irchester (Thurlow Weed)
I 1104 Ireland must be Heaven (Fred Fisher)
I 1105 Irish Town (Jon Corelis)
I 1106 Irmelin (Wilhelm Peterson-Berger)
I 1107 Irmosy sv. Ioanna Damaskina k troparyam sv. Andreia Kritskago (Traditional)
I 1108 Irons-nous toujours coucher (Adrian Willaert)
I 1109 Irrande moln (Eva Toller)
I 1110 Is any afflicted? (William Billings)
I 1111 Is it night (Samuel Webbe)
I 1112 Is it nothing to you (Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley)
I 1113 Is it time yet, Lord? (John Earwaker)
I 1114 Is Love a boy? – Boy pity me (William Byrd)
I 1115 Is there not an appointed time? (William Knapp)
I 1116 Islas Canarias (pasodoble) (Anonymous)
I 1117 Isle of beauty (Thomas Haynes Bayly)
I 1118 Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 (George Frideric Handel)
I 1119 Israelsbrünnlein (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 1120 Ist Gott für uns (Adam Gumpelzhaimer)
I 1121 Ist Gott für uns, SWV 329 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 1122 Ist nich einer vorhanden (Orazio Vecchi)
I 1123 Ist nicht Ephraim a 8 (Heinrich Hartmann)
I 1124 Ist nicht Ephraim mein teurer Sohn (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 1125 Ist nicht Ephraim mein teurer Sohn (Moteto), SWV 40 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 1126 Ist Widerwärtigkeit den Frommen eigen (Georg Philipp Telemann)
I 1127 Iste cognovit iustitiam (Sigismondo d’India)
I 1128 Iste confessor (Alessandro Scarlatti)
I 1129 Iste confessor (Anonymous)
I 1130 Iste confessor (Caspar Ett)
I 1131 Iste Confessor (Delfino Thermignon)
I 1132 Iste confessor (Heinrich Finck)
I 1133 Iste confessor (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
I 1134 Iste confessor (Václav Emanuel Horák)
I 1135 Iste Confessor a 4 (even verses) (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 1136 Iste Confessor a 4 (odd verses) (Giovanni Matteo Asola)
I 1137 Iste Confessor Domini (José Maurício Nunes Garcia)
I 1138 Iste confessor I (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 1139 Iste confessor II (Anonymous)
I 1140 Iste confessor III (Anonymous)
I 1141 Iste confessor, SV 279 (Claudio Monteverdi)
I 1142 Iste est Joannes (Luca Marenzio)
I 1143 Iste est Joannes (Peter Philips)
I 1144 Iste est qui ante Deum (Francisco Valls)
I 1145 Iste Sanctus (Agostino Masera)
I 1146 Iste sanctus (Anonymous)
I 1147 Iste sanctus (Ruggiero Giovannelli)
I 1148 Iste Sanctus (Tomás Luis de Victoria)
I 1149 Isten élő lelke jöjj (Andras Cserny)
I 1150 Isti sunt triumphatores (Asprilio Pacelli)
I 1151 Isti sunt triumphatores (Ruggiero Giovannelli)
I 1152 Isti sunt triumphatores a 6 (Andrea Gabrieli)
I 1153 Isti sunt viri sancti (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
I 1154 Istorum est enim regnum (Claudio Casciolini)
I 1155 Istorum est enim regnum celorum (Anonymous)
I 1156 Istorum est regnum coelorum (Sigismondo d’India)
I 1157 It barn er fød i Bethlehem (Mogens Pedersøn)
I 1158 It came upon the midnight clear (Arthur Sullivan)
I 1159 It came upon the midnight clear (Richard S. Willis)
I 1160 It chaunced in Iconium (Christopher Tye)
I 1161 It is a good thing to give thanks (James Kent)
I 1162 It is a thing both good and meet (Richard Allison)
I 1163 It is better to go (Daniel Read)
I 1164 It is my well-beloved’s voice (Thomas Tomkins)
I 1165 It is not the tear (Charles Villiers Stanford)
I 1166 It is the work of God (Carlotta Ferrari)
I 1167 It is truly meet (G major) (Boris Ledkovsky)
I 1168 It is truly meet, No. 3 (Alexei Lvov)
I 1169 It is Your Presence (Edewede Oriwoh)
I 1170 It Takes A Village (Michael Gray)
I 1171 It was a lover and his lass (Eva Toller)
I 1172 It was a lover and his lass (John Whittaker)
I 1173 It was a lover and his lass (Thomas Morley)
I 1174 It was a season for the soul to wait (Thurlow Weed)
I 1175 It was a time when silly bees could speake (John Dowland)
I 1176 It was for me (Sally DeFord)
I 1177 It was poor little Jesus (Willem Verkaik)
I 1178 It’a vostro bel haggio (rough draft) (Anonymous)
I 1179 Italia mia (Philippe Verdelot)
I 1180 Ite amari sospiri (Claudio Saracini)
I 1181 Ite caldi sospiri (Truid Aagesen)
I 1182 Ite in orbem (Jacobus Clemens non Papa)
I 1183 Ite in universum mundum (Hans Leo Hassler)
I 1184 Ite in universum mundum (Tiburtio Massaino)
I 1185 Ite rime dolenti – Sol di lei (Giovan Nasco)
I 1186 Ite rime dolenti (Cipriano de Rore)
I 1187 Ite sospiri (Johannes Hieronymus Kapsberger)
I 1188 Ite, missa est (Christopher Upton)
I 1189 Ite, missa est (Philip Legge)
I 1190 Ite, rime dolenti (Philippe de Monte)
I 1191 Item de virginibus (chant) (Hildegard von Bingen)
I 1192 Itene à l’ombra (Luca Marenzio)
I 1193 Itene o miei sospiri (Carlo Gesualdo)
I 1194 It’s a long way to Tipperary (Traditional)
I 1195 It’s Time (2015 remix) (Sarah Lambert)
I 1196 Itzt blicken durch des Himmels Saal, SWV 460 (Heinrich Schütz)
I 1197 Itzund ich mich vergleiche (Johann Hermann Schein)
I 1198 Iube Domine benedicere (Giovanni Battista Riccio)
I 1199 Iubilate Deo (Benedetto Re)
I 1200 Iubilate Deo a 15 (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 1201 Iubilate Deo a 8 (1597) (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 1202 Iubilate Deo omnis terra (Claudio Merulo)
I 1203 Iubilate Domino a 9 (Michael Praetorius)
I 1204 Iubilemus singuli (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 1205 Iudica me Deus a 7 (Andrea Gabrieli)
I 1206 Iudica me Domine a10 (Giovanni Gabrieli)
I 1207 Iusti autem (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck)
I 1208 Iustus germinabit (Agostino Diruta)
I 1209 Iuxta est dies domini (Anonymous)
I 1210 I’ve been working on the railroad (Traditional)
I 1211 I’ve found a friend (Arthur Sullivan)
I 1212 Ivente Julenat (Christian Mondrup)
I 1213 Izhe Heruvimi (Atanas Badev)
I 1214 Izhe Heruvimi (Cherubic Hymn) (Alexander Alyabyev)
I 1215 Izhe kheruvimui (Sergei Rachmaninoff)

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